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Setting up Shop

Posted on Tue Oct 1st, 2019 @ 10:48am by Lieutenant JG Ethebiar Ch'taasrek IMD & Lieutenant JG Jillian Cadavaras-Smith & Lieutenant JG Andrea Scott-Chambers DO & Ensign Gaargini RN, BSN

Mission: Legacies
Location: Secondary Sickbay

The two doctors played their parts as well they could. Having the nurse and the medic with them was strongly to their advantage, especially since medic Lieutenant JG Jillian Cadavaras-Smith had served quite a bit of time in Engineering before taking medical courses to be a medic. Her input could definitely have prooved invaluable, should it be called upon.

"What?" Ethebiar asked, shrugging his shoulders at Lieutenant JG Cadavaras-Smith. "You and our dear CMO were busy in Main Sickbay, so I got... creative when installing the new surgical bed."

Jillian took a look and the work her Assistant Chief Medical Officer had performed in installing the upgraded surgical biobed. She double-checked the fiber optic network lines connected to the controls and sensors on the surgical bed, and which would activate the surgical containment shields. It was a good thing she opted to tag along, as while the entire panel showed it was wired and working correctly, although it actually wasn't. Making a few fiber optic line connections changes, she had the surgical bed in top shape with very little effort.

"Doctor Ch'taasrek, Doctor Scott-Chambers, you may inspect my work now. I would suggest you start by asking the Main Sickbay to activate their surgical force field, then have someone launch up a complicated program on the hologrid, and finally, we activate our force field to see whether or not the ship's engines were actually capable of handling the power load. After that, we'd really need to see how it would all cope if power were diverted to the phasers. Since Lieutenant Bran was still waiting for permission to try to create capacitors capable of handling the power load the type the main ship's phasers would require..," Jillian started but was stopped by Dr. Ch'taasrek.

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant, but I'm a doctor, not an Engineer. How about you take care of all that. I'm sure you'll need Lieutenant Ellis or someone else from the Engineering team to monitor things in Engineering anyway. Besides, the last I checked we still hadn't gotten phaser capability back, so I'm not sure if Lieutenant Bran can really tell you for certain whether the ship's power supply could handle both static isolation shields along with full engagement of the weapons on this boat. They aren't the standard phaser turrets that were originally supplied with this class. Remember, this ship was heavily modified for use by the Marines. I'm sure there are some details he may not even share, and I doubt if Doctor Amidok, using his full Betazoid sensory powers could pull all those details from the Security Chief. Hell, I'm not sure he'd even want to."

With a puzzled look on her face, the up until then quiet nurse Gaargini weighed in. "Why wouldn't he want to?"

Ethebiar studied her face for a moment to see if she may have been joking. Taking her at her word, he said, "You can't get something for nothing, Ensign. In order to upgrade weaponry, you have to take away functionality from something else. There's only so much power to go around. The impulse and warp engines are the same as those that would be found on any Miranda Class ship, so what functionality was taken away in order for those weapons to be installed?"

Jillian shook her head, "Well son of a bitch."

"Something on your mind, nurse?" asked the surgeon.

"Industrial replicators. The ship is supposed to have them. That's why those guys had to go on those little fishing expeditions to scavenge supplies from the other ships. There are no industrial replicators on board."

Ch'taasrek shook his head up and down slowly, "That would make sense, but it wouldn't explain everything. Obviously you wouldn't be able to use an industrial replicator while using the phaser emitters, but what about the power consumption when the weapons were in a cold state?"

"If you're that curious," Gaargini started, "why don't you just ask Lieutenant Bran?"

"Maybe because he gives people the creeps," Doctor Chambers chimed in. "I suppose it's all part of the Marine training he received. Is it just me, or is it odd to have a Marine for a Security Chief instead of a Fleeter? I mean, if we were going to have a Marine presence on the Johnston, why not just have a full, proper team of Marines?"

Jillian gave Ethebiar that look, the one that conveyed an unease at where things were going in the conversation. The ACMO felt it was also getting out of hand, and out of bounds himself. "Look, if the Captain felt we all needed to know all those details, we'd have been briefed on them. I'll talk with Doctor Amidok, but I have a feeling he's going to have just as many details to give us as I do," he paused, staring directly at Doctor Chambers, and making the pause awkward enough to get her to look directly into his own. "That is to say, there may be details about this mission he's been briefed on that even he isn't allowed to talk about. I agree with nurse Gaargini, Doctor Chambers, if you are that curious talk to Lieutenant Bran yourself. Just be careful, I understand from Alex he has a temper."

That changed the subject matter, but not the subject of the matter, "Yeah, what was that whole thing about, anyway? Why did two senior officers have an argument in the CMO's private office, and then one of them get pissed off at Alex for relaying the matter on to Doctor Amidok?" Gaargini asked. "I was offended to hear him say the staff was gossipping. To be honest, I thought it was a rather important detail and if Alex hadn't informed our CMO about it, I would have."

They all shook their heads in agreement. "Okay, enough scuttlebutt. If we stand around here questioning the motives of the command crew, we're never going to get anything accomplished," Ethebiar pushed, hoping to get off the subject altogether and get back focused on the task at hand. "I want this Sickbay just as capable as Main Sickbay in 3 days. I know it's a big ask, but we've got two shifts per day and a skeleton crew aboard, so it's not like we are going to be tied up doing side jobs."

"Uh, yeah we are," Gaargini said.

"What?" Ethebiar asked.

"Science for the doctors and Gaargini, and Engineering for me. Remember?" Jillian reminded him. "At least while I'm down there, I can monitor power availability, and maybe even coordinate some tests of the isolation forcefields."

"That's a good idea, Ensign. Just don't make Lieutenant Ellis or any of the other Engineering crew mad that you are spending your time on medical stuff since you are supposed to be focused on Engineering issues while you are working down there."

"What? You don't think the power consumption of those forcefields are important details for Engineering? What if we did need them both during a time when we had to go weapons hot?" Jillian challenged.

"Again, until Lieutenant Bran can get the parts he needs to even get the phasers working, that's really kind of a moot question. The photon torpedo launchers wouldn't take up too much energy."

"Right, and when do you think the last time was both Sickbays had their isolation shields activated at the same time? Are we even certain the modifications made on this ship when they converted it from Fleet to Marine use didn't make that impossible?"

Ethebiar didn't know how to answer the question. He wasn't even sure if he *wanted* to answer it.


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