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Setting the Stage

Posted on Tue Oct 1st, 2019 @ 12:29am by Lieutenant Kylean Amidok MD, PhD & Lieutenant JG Ethebiar Ch'taasrek IMD & Lieutenant JG Jillian Cadavaras-Smith & Lieutenant JG Andrea Scott-Chambers DO & Ensign Alexander Stafford RN, MSN & Ensign Anderson Franks MD & Ensign Yvonne Corrander & Ensign K'Laani RN, MSN & Ensign Kyrine Burbick RN, BSN & Ensign John Waters & Ensign Gaargini RN, BSN

Mission: Legacies
Location: Main Sickbay

"So, unless there are any questions, that's the plan. We'll man Main Sickbay around the clock, and the secondary Sickbay during Alpha and Beta shifts only. Each of us will work 6 days a week. We will each work 6-hour shifts in our regular medical positions, and then 8-hour shifts in other duties. Since we are operating with a skeleton crew, we all need to help fill-in on jobs in departments that are far more short-handed than we are." Kylean stood up and paced as he started announcing the assignments. "I have been assigned as the Gamma shift bridge command officer. You doctors and nurses will augment the Science Department, and the medics will assist in Security."

"Are you joking?" Dr. Scott-Chambers challenged. "You get to sit in the command chair while we slave away doing other chores? I'm a surgeon, not a science tech."

"Doctor Chambers, as the bridge duty officer, it'll be my job to respond to any need, whether it's in Sickbay, Engineering, Security, Science.., it's not exactly what I'd call a cush assignment, but I am bridge qualified, so I volunteered for it."

"Does the Security Chief relish the thought of medics playing Security officers?" asked one of the medics.

"You forget, Mr. Waters, we all have Security roles in the event of an intruder alert. Simply being assigned to shifts performing routine security duties isn't that much of a stretch," Dr. Ch'taasrek replied on behalf of the CMO.

"Yes, sir, doctor," the medic responded.

"Jillian, I'm assigning you to help Lieutenant Ellis with Engineering duties, given the training you went through before you came aboard," Kylean said.

"Yes, sir," she responded.

"Are there any questions?" Ethebiar asked.

"I have one," K'Laani said, "what's the point of manning both Sickbays? If we have a skeleton crew, wouldn't it be easier to just man the Main Sickbay, and staff the secondary bay during time of emergency?"

"Because in the event of an emergency, we may not have time to get people there. Besides, someone has to dust the panels from time to time. It's not as if we have a maid on board," he responded, drawing a slew of laughter. "Besides, someone has to keep up the medical checks for the lower decks. I'd like those duties split evenly between the two Sickbays. Also, starting now, doctors make house calls with our medics or nurses when at all possible."

Kylean dismissed the assembled crew and sent his duty roster to command, including his intent to use his staff for dual-purposes. He wasn't sure whether or not Lieutenant Bran would agree to have medics assigned to security detail, but he was really hoping the added hands would be welcomed with 'opened arms,' so to speak. It then hit him, Gamma shift would be coming on duty in less than 6 hours. Just enough time for a nap before getting his first turn in the command chair.

"Doctor Amidok, if you don't mind, I'd like to get started on prepping the surgical bed down in the secondary bay," Doctor Ch'taasrek said. "I'd like to take Doctor Chambers and nurse Gaargini along with me."

"You aren't scheduled for duty on Beta shift, Ethebiar, are you sure you want to spend the time on it?"

"I'd rather make sure it's ready now than to try to do so while we actually have a need for it."

"Okay then, granted. If you need me for anything else, I'll be in my quarters taking a nap in preparation for my first tour on the bridge."


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