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Don't Run With Scissors

Posted on Mon Sep 16th, 2019 @ 7:30pm by Lieutenant Kylean Amidok MD, PhD & Lieutenant JG Ethebiar Ch'taasrek IMD & Ensign Alexander Stafford RN, MSN

Mission: Legacies
Location: Main Sickbay

"Damn it, Ethebiar, hold him down!" Kylean exclaimed.

"What do you think I'm trying to do?" Doctor Ch'taasrek responded while being tossed around by the nurse laying on the surgical bed. "Alex, calm down! I know it hurts, we're trying to help you."

Kylean managed to get his hands on a hypospray and loaded a strong sedative. It took him a huge effort to reach the nurse's neck to deliver the medication, but once he did, Alex Stafford, RN, almost immediately stopped resisting. "There, that's better," he said as Ethebiar was finally able to take his weight, such as it was, off of their patient's legs and torso. "Alex, didn't your parents ever tell you not to run with scissors?"

"I wasn't holding scissors," the nurse replied groggily.

"I know, it was a laser scalpel, and you are damn lucky you only managed to slice into your bicep with it. Had you landed any more awkwardly, you may have pierced your heart!" Ch'taasrek said as he handed a tissue regenerator to Kylean.

Doctor Amidok used the regenerator to first repair the severed nerves, arteries, and veins then went to work on the muscle. Thankfully the scalpal cauterized the wound as it cut into the flesh, so there was no blood loss. The question would be whether or not the injured nerves would heal properly. "What were you doing rushing through Sickbay with a laser scalpal, to begin with?"

"I wanted to get all the surgical supplies set up in separate trays so we'd be prepared in case of multiple casualties. I guess I tripped on my own feet. That's why I'm a nurse, not a ballet dancer!" Alex joked. He hadn't been given any pain medication, as the severed nerve took care of that, and it would be a day or two before they'd know if the nerve would heal properly, or if there'd be any permanent damage done to the arm by the surgical implement.

"You know we only have two surgical beds, right?" Kylean challenged.

"Yes, sir, but we should always have at least two sets of equipment per-theater just in case. A medic can always be getting another set ready once a set has been opened, but waiting for a new set to be prepped while you've got a patient sitting on the table?"

"Okay, point taken. Just remember, there is no guarantee you're going to have the same use out of this arm as you had before the injury. I'm a qualified surgeon, but I'm not a surgical specialist. My specialty is infectious diseases."

"Yeah, I know. You are awkwardly into bugs," the nurse laughed. Ethebiar laughed right next to him.

"Doctor Ch'taasrek, did you have something you wanted to add to the subject?" the CMO asked trying to suppress a smile.

"Nope, just watching you insect, uh, I mean inspect the repair you've just completed," Ethebiar joked, resulting in laughter from two medics.

"Okay, that'll be enough of that," Kylean chided. "Look, I appreciate the effort, but try to be more careful. You are too important for us to lose you to an accident that could easily be prevented."

"Yes, sir. I promise I'll be more careful," Stafford responded. "Do I get to sleep in my own bed tonight?"

"Um, you won't be sleeping in mine, so unless you've got a date with someone else, I'd say most likely. You are lucky we have a skeleton crew, otherwise, you'd have to share quarters with another Ensign."

"Actually, doc, I asked to have a roommate. One of the medics is rooming with me. I just can't get used to quartering alone quite yet."

Amidok could tell the nurse was being honest. "Well, alright then. I guess as a Betazoid I enjoyed having my quarters to myself when I made JG. Even though it really didn't make a difference in what I could sense, having the bulkhead in between me and the next person made it feel like I had some privacy."

Stafford smiled at his CMO. He could understand, even though he couldn't possibly understand what that constant flow of thoughts and emotions from the crew must be like, especially since Betazoids had to oath to attempt to block out thoughts unless they had permission to read them. Everyone who knew the doc knew he couldn't block out negative thoughts or emotions, so it was very much possible he'd read someone's thoughts, but never said anything to anyone about it. It showed his true character to keep his oath when he could easily speak out to someone else about it. At that moment, Alex figured being a Betazoid had to be the closest one could get to being a Borg without being a Borg. It sent a chill through him and gave him better respect and understanding for the man.


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