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Time to Swim

Posted on Sun Sep 22nd, 2019 @ 8:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Juliette Hewitt & Lieutenant Blake Ellis & Lieutenant Tyler Elbrun DSci & Lieutenant Talrian Bran & Lieutenant Kylean Amidok MD, PhD & Lieutenant John Falkenburg

Mission: Legacies
Location: USS Johnston, Main Bridge
Timeline: June 2, 2389 - 12:00 Hours

Juliette walked on to the newly assembled Bridge of the Johnston. It was remarkable the change, the ship looked like it had never left service, let alone had been sitting abandoned for a decade. She couldn't be more proud of her crew. She moved towards her chair and sat down, crossing her legs as she leaned back for a moment. She wanted to let this moment sink in, her first command was about to really take off.

"Let's go around the Bridge, All Stations report in." She instructed as she waited for her officers to respond.

Blake did his final check of his engineering console, all necessary systems were in the green, however weapons were still not playing ball. “All engineering systems are in the green, Captain.” He finally reported.

"Strategic Operations and Science is ready to go, Captain. I have taken the liberty of slaving both to the main Science console, also," Elbrun said from main Science. He hoped this would please his new Captain that he was capable of handling both positions for the time being.

"Medical is ready to go," Dr. Amidok said standing almost over her left shoulder, as there was no medical station on the bridge.

Talrian glared at the panel before him before calling over the relief officer. While others were reporting they had a short, brief whispered conversation. "Weapon systems are still not online," he reported. "We're still trying to track down the malfunction to get it repaired, replaced or remedied." Talrian looked at the captain. "Shields, sensors and other systems are reporting no problems at this time and the weapons malfunction seems to be confined to phasers. You'll have torpedoes if necessary, Captain." Even if I have to throw them from a shuttle myself, he thought as he checked the urge to slap the control panel.

"Lieutenant, doesn't that basically mean the runabout we have sitting in our shuttlebay has more firepower than the actual ship it's riding aboard?" Kylean asked out of sincere concern.

Talrian stared at the control panel in front of him for several long seconds before raising his intense gaze toward the doctor. "Negative, Doctor," he said, his hands gripping the sides of his station tightly. "The runabout doesn't have what this ship has."

Tyler thought to Amidok ~Oh to be back in Sciences again. It was and will be much easier.~ I wonder if I made the wrong choice here. Now that this ship is without a science officer, perhaps I should switch back to my old department full time and only hang out is Strat Ops instead of the other way around

"That's not what I asked, Lieutenant Bran. Given the limited state of our ship's offensive systems, doesn't the runabout have more capabilities than the ship at this very moment?" the doctor responded.

"The runabout, Doctor," Talrian said, "doesn't have me."

Kylean smiled, hopefully breaking some tension. "No, it doesn't. I'll take that, you are both gifted at problem solving. Hopefully you'll be able to get the bugs out before they are needed, and without getting stung."

~Why are you doing both? We have a Science Officer aboard, even if she isn't the Chief Science Officer.~

"Captain, would you have any objection to me manning the Communications station to give an extra set of eyes for Lieutenant Elbrun?" the doctor asked, really only to have a place to sit.

~I wanted to fill in for Lieutenant Stoyer. I felt the need to assist wherever I could since we're all supposed to be helping out in other areas. I still feel the need to do my old job because it is familiar to me while Strategic Operations may be my job right now, I'm still a scientist first and foremost. Remember, I too have an alphabet soup behind my name.~ Tyler thought back to Kylean with a physical smile as well as a psychic one.

~I get it, I just wanted to sit down, and I didn't mean on the stairs leading down to the command center, and since the Communications station was empty, I figured, what the hell. By the way, how is the medicine working, or do you need to focus?~

But, Talrian realized he was falling into the same trap as the others. This ship didn't just have him, it was like him. Designed, built, put into service as a Marine ship it was now consigned over and tried to be remade into Fleet. There were bound to be - hiccups - and misunderstandings between the two. In some very fundamental ways, no matter how much others tried, this ship would never be Fleet at its core. There were just some things about it that Fleeters would never understand.

He tapped keys and brought up information while he considered. Then, he realized the Doctor had spoken to Hewitt first but while he waited for the captain to answer that request, he called his relief over, making him ready to take the station.

"You are more than welcome to man the station." Juliette nodded as she continued to listen to the banter of her officers.

"Captain," he said, after she had finished with the doctor. "I'll have weapons online and running smoother than you ever thought possible but I need permission to leave the bridge."

"Do what you need to." Juliette commented. "I would rather have minimal weapons then nothing at all." She paused for a second. "Break our mooring lines, and take us out half thrusters" She ordered.

Falkenburg stood back, he was watching the long range scans data as they pulled off the mooring. It was somewhat glitchy but was working. They were clear all the way out of the sector as far as he could tell. Still a bit of local fuzz and vessel movement that was causing some interference issues, it was common. The staff was quite busy with the launch. They seemed to work together well despite the fact this team had never operated a vessel together.

"Thank you, Captain," Talrian said as he nodded to the relief officer and walked briskly to the turbolift. He turned as he waited for the doors to open. "And Doctor, if I do get stung by any of these 'bugs' then I certainly hope you and your miracle cures are as good as I think I am." He dropped a wink before he entered the turbolift and gave orders to take him to the aft phaser array.

"Captain," the doctor said, wearing the earpiece designed for a communications officer, "Commander Starfleet advises we are cleared to depart the Sol system and proceed with the mission plans as ordered." It was something he was completely unused to doing, as he'd never worked a communications console, especially since modern ships don't have them any more. Still, Kylean found the experience to be almost entertaining.

~Oh and Kylean? It's Captain not Commander. It's Naval tradition to refer to anyone in command of a starship regardless of rank as 'Captain'~ Tyler thought to the Dr.

~I called her Captain. I was referring directly to the message I received, "Commander Starfleet," as in Starfleet Command.~ Kylean responded with a wink in Tyler's general direction. ~Here's to hoping the old girl holds together when we make the jump to warp!~

~I'm sorry, so you did. Many apologies. I tend to think the old girl will be able to withstand the warp jump. Won't you, dear girl.~ he patted the console he was at and uttered a silent prayer to the Four Dieties of his ancestors and also hoped Kylean didn't 'hear' him while he did so.

~Amen!~ came the reply Tyler was hoping not to hear, but Kylean hoped he welcomed just the same. Kylean found it quite interesting listening to all the traffic coming through his ear piece. He found it to be more distracting than the voices he could hear when he fully opened his mind to those around him. How did anyone ever make sense out of the overlapping signals before the days of automated message routing? Just the crosstalk between work bees hovering around the keels of starships under construction at the main shipyard was enough to try to make heads and tails out of, add in all the traffic between the planets and starships in the area, and he instantly felt a sense of awe at how those who worked back in the day when the Johnston was first officially launched actually managed it all. Then again, there was likely much less to have to track then as well.

"Very well, set a cource for the Dietrich Station, Warp 7." Juliette said simply.

"Captain, the space ahead is clear of any impediments, both stellar and otherwise," Tyler informed the commanding officer. She appeared unphased by announcement. But he was quite pleased to have said it. This was simply because he wasn't all that sure of the ships' ability to defend itself in a firefight. Though it was Lieutenant Bran's job to defend the ship and his job to anticipate said potential threats, he hoped he and the good lieutenant could act together as a team to defend the ship. It wasn't common knowledge that he and Talrian had gotten off to a rocky start, at least he hoped that it wasn't common knowledge. He tried not to react visibly to the thought.

Talrian stepped off the turbolift and moved briskly through the corridor until he entered a door that led to a small room barely more than a closet. Inside he pulled down the computer access panel and synced it to his wrist padd, the data scrolling across his ocular device. After that, he turned to the right and crouched before pulling off the access panel. With well practiced flicks of his eye, he shut down the ship's phaser assemblies in order to make sure someone didn't make an ill advised 'test' of the weapons system whil ehe was in the unshielded arrays. Even turning the systems on to test something as simple as a target lock could fill the assembly chamber with enough lethal radiation to kill a squad of Marines, much less the singular one about to crawl along the array.

"I hope they get the replicators up and going soon," he grumbled, as he realized he was about to need clean uniforms after crawling around in the arrays. He choose this particular one at random needing to start somewhere. Of course, there were no guarantees his suspicions were even correct, but, it was a strong suspicion. Easing himself down and into the array, he pushed himself along on the slider built for that purpose, propelling himself along with bootheels. He was nearly at the end when he came across what he expected to find.

If it was done here, then...

"Bran to the Bridge," he said, activating his commbadge, tearing a bit of skin off his knuckles in moving around in the confined space. He started moving back to the entrance while he waited for acknowledgement.

“Go ahead, Lieutenant.” Ellis said from the engineering console.

"Do we have use of industrial replicators?" Talrian asked as he pulled himself out of the array and back into the small room. "Looks like the compensators on the phasers were replaced with standard parts and that's causing the phaser malfunctions."

~Oh, my,~ Kylean thought loudly. ~Thank the Fates we haven't left the system yet. If we don't have a working industrial replicator, we are still in close range of Utopia Planitia.~

“Erm, we don’t have industrial replicators period.” Ellis replied. “I can contact the shipyard and get one made and sent to us.” The Chief Engineer said as he began making a note on his PADD.

Talrian stood, frowning as he remained quiet for several moments. They were leaving on a patrol without industrial replicators? How did engineering and Ops plan to fix anything that may happen out there? Letting out a sigh, "We'll need six, Miranda class specific, anything else will just cause the same problems down the road, the circuits fusing at inopportune times."

“Understood, Lieutenant. I’ll make the request now.” Blake said as he worked on his his PADD. “Anything else while I’m at it?”

Talrian shrugged, an automatic gesture without thought of anyone actually seeing it. "I don't know, an industrial replicator?"

"Amen to that," Kylean said, hopefully loud enough for Talrian to hear him. ~Why we didn't have Utopia Planitia do a refit of this ship instead of scavenging for parts is beyond me,~ he thought to Tyler. ~We were in eyesight of the facility the entire time. Just makes no sense at all.~

~I was wondering the same thing, Kylean. I wonder whether or not our new commanding officer knows what she's doing or not.~ Tyler thought back ~But far be it from me to question a CO, no matter the rank. We have an obligation to follow our new CO and her orders, not matter what the may be.~

“Sure, just give me the fours months to strip down the Johnston so I can install an industrial replicator.” Ellis said with a sigh. “The ship was stripped down of everything for the Dominion War, she really needs a major refit but we’re not getting one any time soon.

Juliette reached down to the arm of her command chair and pressed the intercom button. "Hewitt to Ellis, I need you to disable our long range IFF Transponder, we are going to be running dark on this one, so keep all Sensor bandwidth down to about 1 light year of the ship. I do not want the station, should it be taken over to know we are coming."

’I just got the bloody thing working.’ Blake thought to himself. “Understood, Captain.”

"Captain," Kylean said holding the earpeace tightly in his ear canal. "Starfleet Command is inquiring if we are having issues with our warp engines. They want to know why we are still sitting here." Looking over to Tyler, he said, ~I don't know what she just said, but I can feel apprehension coming off of her.~

~It doesn't take a telepath or an empath to feel that, Kylean. Remember, this is her first time in the captain's chair.~ Tyler thought back to the doctor.

Falkenburg heard Planitia control on the main ship to station frequency. "JOHNSTON, YOU ARE CLEAR, HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY". It certainly wouldn't be long now. John never liked a warp acceleration much. he always felt queasy for a few minutes afterwards.

Tyler loved this part, the jump to warp, the differing reactions it had on others as well as how the CO reacted to it. He felt it set the tone for the cruise. But then again, that was him.

Kylean remembered why he didn't like being on the bridge or near a window when a ship jumped to warp speed. It made him sick to his stomach, because he could feel that fraction of a second between the jump to warp and the reaction of the inertial dampeners, not just on his body, but on the bodies of EVERY member of the crew. Most of them may not have even been aware they felt the sensation, but coupling the compounded sensation from the crew along with the visual of the stars standing idle and then seeing specs of space dust and debris as they brushed the static warp bubble that surrounded and propelled the ship through space, and he couldn't help but feel heavy vertigo and his lunch start to creep its way back up momentarily. Hoping to hide what he was doing, he pulled a hypospray from his medical jacket, and injected himself in the thigh to minimize the effect. He knew immediately, there was at least one person who felt him do it. So much for hiding it.

~Nice Try~ Tyler thought to Kylean with a mental laugh and smile.

~Smartass.~ Kylean thought back.

Talrian stepped off the turbolift and made his way back to the security station on the bridge. "I can bypass the phasers until we get those compensators," he said aloud, to whomever was listening. "But that'll leave us with torpedoes, the runabout's armaments and, well, ingenuity if it comes down to that."

Juliette nodded. "I will take what we can get for now, as we did what we could to get this ship operational, and out of dock in the time requested." She leaned back in her chair slightly. "After all, she had been sitting in dry dock for the past decade or so, we probably won't be going up against the borg, so we will be fine."

"And I pray to the Four Dieties of my ancestors that we won't," Tyler said aloud. "That's the last thing this old rust bucket as well as us would need."

Do you ever shut up? Talrian thought - but it was very much directed and not near a 'shout' but close enough to be considered first cousins.

~Is he just simply rude?~ Tyler thought to Kylean as he shot off a look to the Chief of Security.

"Captain, now that we are underway, permission to leave the bridge?" Amidok asked. ~I don't know yet. I'm hoping to find out, but it'll have to be done delicately.~ Kylean responded to Tyler.

TAG Commander Hewitt

"Lieutenant Bran, when you have a moment, I'd like to see you in my office," Kylean said as he stepped toward the turbolift. He had an idea he wanted to run by the Security Chief, something he probably should have asked Lieutenant Ellis about first, but he figured Bran could do so if the idea was feasible. Then there was the issue the nurses had told him about between Bran and Elbrun in his personal office. He just needed to make sure there was nothing he needed to be concerned about.

Before leaving the bridge, Kylean volunteered to the Captain to man the Communication's station when he was on the bridge since there was no medical station. That was, of course, unless he was needed to treat an injured crewmember. He actually enjoyed his experience pre-launch, even though he was only on the station for a few minutes.

Tyler looked up from his station and over to Kylean wondering what this was all about. The new medication was working that was for sure as Tyler couldn't read his mind though he was trying hard to. He smiled at himself and then looked over to Lieutenant Bran and saw something but couldn't quite make it out. But, then he decided to let it go...for now, anyway.

Falkenburg had one more task before departing the bridge. The link to Elena Gor who was close to the main core had been set. He began receiving scan data on all high and low bands. All other data was being sent to a intel server on the Johnston as the ship was just moving far too fast to decode it. He would be analyzing it later. Hopefully it could reveal who or what would be monitoring their movement as they departed the fleet yards. He needed to return to his office and continue reviews of crew forensic files, he had the strange feeling that something was dreadfully wrong with some of them.


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