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Waiting My Turn

Posted on Tue Oct 1st, 2019 @ 1:26am by Lieutenant Kylean Amidok MD, PhD

"Personal log entry, Lieutenant Kylean Amidok. I've just woken up and am preparing to report for my first shift as Gamma shift commander on the Johnston. I look forward to being the Gamma shift commanding officer, including getting to know the bridge crew assigned to the shift, and of course, working with whoever is on duty in Engineering, whether it's my nurse, Lieutenant Ellis, or someone else."

Kylean dressed carefully, having changed his tunic from Medical Teal uniform tunic to a Command Red tunic, and placing his two rank pips in their proper place. It had been some time since he wore a red tunic. As he zipped up his jacket and placed his communicator in its proper place, he combed his hair and made himself ready to report to the bridge to begin his shift.

"Ready for action," he said, "End of log."


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