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On Being an Idiot

Posted on Sun Sep 29th, 2019 @ 2:45am by Ensign Alexander Stafford RN, MSN

"Begin personal log entry. Well, I'm surprised I have an arm left, let alone a useful one. I got careless and almost cut through my entire upper arm with a laser scalpel by tripping on my own two feet. This was exactly why I never got into dancing or was any good at ANY sport. At least the docs and medics had a good laugh over it all. I swear if one of those medics starts giving me any grief, I'll make them scrub down the floors with a toothbrush."

"On a side note, at least the doctors and I get along. I understand the nurse I replaced had attitude issues and got herself fired. Fair enough. I've always loved these historical class ships, I just hope the hull is spaceworthy. It wouldn't do us any good to fall apart at the seams on our first mission by being ripped up by a fragment of space dust our deflectors couldn't get out of our way in time. It's not like we've got a dedicated deflector dish, so I don't know how these Miranda Class vessels do it. I'm a nurse, not an Engineer. I suppose I could pull up some details on the matter, but I honestly need to stay focused on my work. It's not like we'll be able to load a surgical bay simulation on the holodeck, such that it is, to act as a third Medbay in case we encounter a mass casualty situation. To be honest, I think if it came right down to it, we'd have to make a decision whether to power the hologrid or the weapons, but not both at the same time. Besides, even if we could power them both simultaneously, I fear the overload could blow some serious circuitry on this tug," he said for a moment, then touched his hand to the hull in his quarters. "Sorry, sweetheart, I didn't mean to speak ill of you by calling you a tug." Alex had always been a pretty superstitious person and now was no exception. "I have faith the Johnston will see us through, as long as we don't kill ourselves despite our best efforts not to. End of log."


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