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Reporting Trouble

Posted on Sat Sep 14th, 2019 @ 3:48am by Lieutenant Kylean Amidok MD, PhD

"Chief Medical Officer's log, supplemental. I didn't want to do it, but the attitude and actions of one person made it necessary for me to do so. I made an attempt at a peace offering, but Lieutenant Bran's calling my staff's actions as gossip was just unacceptable, especially since they were simply reporting an incident which was not so secretly handled in my private office," Amidok reported. "I don't take very kindly to the notion of my staff's motives being called into question, especially by someone who doesn't know them." He paused a moment, if only to recognize the fact there had been not one, but two senior officers who had used his private office to have a not so discreet discussion about something. He opted not to make mention of the other person involved.

"I made a written report to the Captain of the incident if only to document a potential issue should something else occur in the future. I'm hoping it never comes to that, but if my hand is called, I guarantee it will be no bluff. It's funny," he said sarcastically, "I was never one to really be assertive when it came to things like this. I suppose I could have just let the matter drop, but I had to protect the record since I still don't know what relation this matter may have to do with the missing crew and the ongoing issues with ship systems not being up to muster."

He thought about it carefully, something didn't feel right. Who knows, maybe Kylean was overthinking the matter, but there just didn't seem to be any sense to the loss of the crewmembers, the falling out of now 3 senior officers, and Security being the one thing that held all the common threads between them. Whether it was lax security on the front end or a lack of it entirely on the back end... Kylean had no way of knowing. What he did know for sure, neither he nor Tyler totally trusted Bran at the moment. That could be something he should keep seriously in mind, and for the moment, he intended to do so judiciously. If it turned out he was wrong, and Bran had no ulterior motives, then bully for him. Either way, Kylean didn't think he should risk putting too much faith in the Security Chief until such time as the Chief had proven he was worth putting trust into. Since Kylean could tell Tyler was of the same opinion, it only made his decision that much easier to make.

"Computer, make a note to get Lieutenant Ellis to doublecheck the install of the LCARS panel in my office, just in case I may have screwed something up, the Fates know I could most certainly have made such a mess of things. End of log."


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