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Meeting with The Chief of Security

Posted on Sat Sep 7th, 2019 @ 1:52pm by Lieutenant Tyler Elbrun DSci

After the meeting with Lieutenant Brian, Tyler Elbrun made his way to his office for a quick break and to decompress. His head was splitting due to aggression of the Chief of Security. He made it a point to get out of Sickbay quickly and quietly in order not to raise Kylean Amidock, the Chief Medical Officer. He didn't want to spend one more minute in Sickbay despite the newfound friendship he and the CMO had formed. Or maybe he didn't want the new Security officer to have anything else to lourde over him than his disdain for his position.

"Computer, begin log," Tyler said as soon as the doors close behind him. Hearing the computer beep it's response, he began speaking. "Strategic Operations Officer's log inaugural entry. Well, it has been a banner day for me; I've managed to make a new friend and piss off a crewmate. Our doctor is an odd one to say the least. Not only is he handsome but he's brilliant and caring. He has managed to come up with a new medication for me after discovering that my old one had become obsolete as well as break through my harsh exterior without the slightest problem.

"It wasn't his thoughts I was reading but his emotional state. His emotions were buffeting me like a tide on a shore line during a storm. Suffice it to say, his emotions made his agenda clear before he started talking. But then again, his dislike was evident in his body language was what was obvious to me. He isn't what he appears to be either. He was hiding something from me. Though I'm not sure what it is, I'm going to go to Captain Hewitt about this very soon. End log."

Just when he would have time to go to Hewitt wasn't completely obvious to Tyler. He heaved a sigh and left his office for the bridge.


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