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Lieutenant Blake Ellis

Name Blake Ellis

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10
Hair Color
Eye Color
Physical Description


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Blake was the first of three children born to Abi and Henry Ellis. They lived in Oxford, England, where both Abi and Henry were professors at Oxford University.

Abi taught English literature and Henry was a professor of biochemistry.

Blake grew up in a loving family, they were all very close. Blake used to spend most of his spare time with his father. He enjoyed learn about science and engineering which inspired to be just like him.

After he finished secondary school he went to Oxford University and became a student in his father's class in biochemistry. He also wanted to do Engineering so he took extra classes.

He graduated in the top 2% of his class. Making his parents very proud. They wanted him to take up a teaching position but Blake was offered the chance to work for a well known research for a company called Kent Tech. Excited by the opportunity he agreed.

Four years into his work the company was forced to close down by Starfleet Security after being investigated for designing and making biological weapons for the Orion Syndicate.

He tried to find work with other companies but being linked to Kent Tech made it impossible to find work. Although his work had nothing to do with the weapons it seemed like he was guilty by association.

Blake decided to apply for Starfleet Academy. Of course he was more than capable, but he knew he would have to start from the bottom and work his way up again.

At the age of 27, he joined Starfleet Academy. His main focus was Engineering so he could at least continue the work he loved and enjoyed.

Once he graduated from the Academy he was assigned to the Nebula Class USS De Wert as a Engineering Officer, propulsion Specialist.

Two years later he was transferred to the USS Conway, a Rhode Island Class Vessel. He was promoted to Lieutenant JG after a year of serving aboard the Conway and given the Assistant Chief Engineer position.

The Conway was recalled the following year after a long mission. Her crew was reassigned as the ship was scheduled for a major refit.

Lieutenant Ellis was assigned to the USS Johnson He was given the unique opportunity to be the ship’s Chief Engineer and begin Command training as the ship’s First Officer.
Service Record 2372-2376: Oxford University, Student
2376-2381: Kent Tech, Scientist
2381-2385: Starfleet Academy, Cadet
2385-2387: USS De Wert, Engineering Officer, Ensign
2387-2389: USS Conway, Engineering Officer/Assistant Chief Engineer, Ensign/Lieutenant JG
2389-present USS Johnston, Chief Engineer/Executive Officer, Lieutenant