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Lieutenant Talrian Bran

Name Talrian Bran

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (joined)
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 205
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall with an athletic build, Talrian is the epitome of Marine. He's obtained a serious countenance from his joining with the symbiote which has created a conflicted depth in his eyes. He takes his physical skills as seriously as the rest of his training, and it shows.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Talaran Inerri
Mother Rhiani Inerri
Brother(s) Dahr Inerri
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family various extended family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serious about his responsibilities and duties, Talrian is a quintessential warrior. His time is spent in bettering himself in either physical skills (PT, weapons, Hand to Hand, etc) as well as mental (staying up to date on regulations, continuing education, etc). When all training and duties are completed, however, he likes to hang out with those he lets into his inner circle and engage in sports or holodeck recreational activities.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a Marine, Talrian is as happy as he's ever been. He's tolerant of Fleet until confronted with the smug Fleet attitude that they are the "smartest, the best and greatest" even as they're relying on the Marines to soften hostile situations and making it safe for the 'best and greatest' to come down. In a way, he feels superior to Fleet.

As a Marine, however, he knows the value of chain of command and leadership. He doesn't question his command staff openly unless absolutely necessary and will follow those orders he's given to the best of his matter how much he disagrees with them.

Has become diagnosably OCD as a result of his joining with the symbiont.
Ambitions Complete his masters
Rise high enough in rank to be the leader fellow Marines need and deserve, but not so high as to lose touch with the 'grunts'.
Hobbies & Interests Sports of any kind, though an especial interest in Terran football, baseball, archery and rock climbing. He keeps up with weapons (firearms and personal) and physical training.
He's studying to complete a Masters in Philosophy (as a result of his joining with the symbiont)

Personal History Talrian was the 'spare' second child. His older brother Dahr was the 'chosen one' for joining and as such, his parents focused on Dahr and his education, pushing him hard to qualify. While they also pushed Talrian, he wasn't considered as important and it was figured that if Dahr - five years older than Talrian - failed out, they would still have time to focus on the second child.

As such, Talrian was able to engage in his own activities far more than Dahr could. He grew up admiring the family's neighbor, a former Starfleet Security officer turned freelance security consultant. Bahran would regal the eager little sponge with stories (mostly embellished where Bahran was always the hero). Talrian was determined that he, too, would grow up to be a galactic level hero. While he did at times resent the push his parents gave him away from the idea of military service and into more intellectual pursuits, he knew from Bahran's stories that he would need to be well rounded - physically and mentally fit.

He excelled in his studies as it also helped him maintain athletic eligibility for his sports endeavors. He enjoyed team sports more than personal sports because, as he learned from Bahran, even the star of the team needed support. It was probably this outlook that shaped what would come to happen later.

Despite his parents's best efforts, Dahr was not selected for Joining, leaving Talaran and Rhiani to then turn to their second son. Talrian, however, decided he didn't want to be joined after seeing how those who were Joined became different people than they were before.

Still, he was raised as a good son and didn't know how to tell his parents 'no' to the competition for Joining. To make matters worse, his only advocate, Bahran, had to leave Trillex on an extended contract. This left Talrian isolated in the face of his parent's desires.

In his ultimate and only real act of rebellion against his parents, Talrian snuck off world just weeks before the birthday giving him Age of Majority. His goal was to follow the stories he'd secretly lived all his life and go to Starfleet. He would become the galactic hero he'd always wanted to be.

However, at the nearest recruiting station, he learned there was testing and wait lists to join Starfleet Academy. Which meant he'd have to return to Trillex and face his parents. He just knew they would pressure him back to taking his place in the Initiate program.

Fortune favored him and, as he was walking out of Starfleet offices, dejected, he happened to run into another recruiter.

One that was able to speak to his sense of duty, honor, warrior sensibilities. Smooth talking and recognizing an easy prey, the Marine recruiter filled the young man's head full of glory and definitely not expressed promises of heroism. Within half an hour, Talrian realized how misguided he was and it wasn't Starfleet Security that would bring out the hero in him, but rather the Marines. He enlisted on the spot and asked for accelerated entry. He had enough means to sustain himself for several weeks off world, before he'd have to return home. Fortunately, he was able to ship off to military testing a week after enlisting and then was on his way to basic training a week later.

He dreaded the call home to inform his parents but he recognized what he was doing as cowardly act - telling them the news over subspace communication rather than in person. He vowed that would be his last act of cowardice ever.

Of course the promises the recruiter never said but heavily implied weren't all fulfilled but it didn't matter. Talrian found his place in the galaxy. His time in team sports prepared him well for meshing with his other recruits during basic and infantry training. He didn't excel and he didn't stand out (in a good way...all recruits garnered DI attention of course) but he didn't disappoint either. At the conclusion of training, he was sent to his first platoon.

Where he discovered he was not the only Trill, as he'd expected. His platoon CO was Trill and Joined at that. Though a disparity of ranks, Talrian did get to know the CO a bit due to their shared heritage. Major Bran was a quiet, intense commander who showed his command what he expected of Marines by living it. Just as he had with Bahran, Talrian found a mentor, role model and a new 'hero' to worship.

His first few years were spent learning from Major Bran (at least from afar - Bran wouldn't deign to fraternize with enlisted) and his fellow Marines. The sense of "Marine" was reinforced at every stage and even when he was transferred to another platoon that didn't have the same ideals as under Major Bran.

Talrian had thus far kept his promise and refused to allow himself any instance of cowardice. In order to keep that promise, he spent his free time in training. He neglected educational standards outside of what he needed to learn to become a better Marine. Though, a part of him was growing disappointed. A veteran of several engagements, he was coming to realize just how embellished Bahran's stories were. While he never developed a dislike for Starfleet, he did develop a lot of resentment for their elitist attidue toward other services (not just the Marines but even the services of allies such as the Klingons). His only real disciplinary mark was after a Captain's Mast for engaging in a fight with several Starfleet 'goldbacks'. They were in a lounge and Talrian found it hard to keep his tongue civil when he heard the Fleeters bragging about Starfleet Security training being the 'best in the galaxy'. Heated words were exchanged and, while Talrian was correctly able to say he didn't throw the first punch, he did throw the last...which connected, unfortunately, with an on-duty security officer sent to break up the melee.

That incident cost him several weeks of barracks restrictions, extra duties and demotion in rank and loss of promotional opportunity in the next cycle. Talrian accepted the punishment meekly as he knew it was deserved. He failed to live up to the conduct expected of him by the Corps.

Renewing himself to the Marine ideal, Talrian was overjoyed when he found his next duty station would reunite him, now increased in rank and responsibility, with Major Bran's command. Even more satisfying was that Bran remembered him and immediately promoted his assignment, giving Talrian more responsibility.

Talrian served with Bran and his command for several more tours when the unthinkable happened. A skirmish their command was sent to quash turned worse than anybody knew and during the engagement, Bran was severely injured. While efforts were made to get medical support, Bran knew he wouldn't survive long enough for help to arrive. It was then that he asked Talrian to take the Bran symbiont, as the host was dying.

Talrian's first impulse was to refuse outright, but when you're mentor and idol asks such a personal favor, how does one refuse? He agreed to take the symbiont only if there was no other way. Talrian waited by the Major's side up to the very end. It was their corpsman who had to perform the surgery and Talrian, who hoped to remain by the Major's side as he crossed over to death was instead embroiled in the Joining. The Bran symbiont personality was strong and it was here that Talrian discovered just how conflicted and pained the Major's life was.

Talrian would only be the symbiont's second host and, unlike the Major, Talrian wasn't willing to allow his own self to be completely subsumed by the symbiont. The joining nearly failed as the two components, Talrian and Bran, warred with each other over dominance. Eventually both realized that compromise would have to happen or both would perish. An actual melding of the two personalities accomplished, Talrian Inerri was no more.

Talrian Bran was born. Fortunately, the new personage maintained much of the same interests - sports, Marine training but now Talrian Bran was much more serious and scholarly. With his previous host, Bran was almost complete in a doctorate of philosophy. Now the new Joined person had to start basically from scratch. Also, Talrian Bran were of accord in a love for holodeck adventures, only the nature of them changing to a more grounded, reality based setting. Talrian learned the Major had started enlisted and, well, he now had an entire other lifetime of knowledge on which to draw.

Talrian sailed through courses to obtain his bachelor's and then knew how to navigate to get into OTS. After graduating as an officer, Talrian immediately started working toward his master's in philosophy while working a second bachelor's in history.

As Talrian Inerri, Talrian was much more obedient and less willing to speak up. Talrian Bran, however, was much more confident and bold (some might say cocky). It was this new attitude trait that, while rare, would get him in trouble. He still didn't questions his commanding officers when not appropriate, he did speak his mind more behind closed doors. He was much more in control of himself and less provoked by what he was coming to see as increasingly irritating Fleet attitudes toward others (and, honestly, Talrain was beginning to think another galactic war was needed to show the Fleeters just how useless they were without the varying other services in the galaxy).

So it was unfortunate for him that he did lose his composure and engaged in conduct which gave him his second real punishment. Which, though it was stated it was not the case, he found much worse than the first time. This time he was transferred to a joint services program within the Federation. He would be sent to several months of cross training where, upon completion, he would be sent to Fleet assignments. And, depending on the whims of the assignments Fleet CO, he would most likely be considered 'Fleet' with Fleet uniforms and Fleet ranks. His Marine Command continues to attempt to assure him this is not a punishment.

Talrian believed them as much as he'd come to belief the words of recruiters.
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