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Lieutenant Commander Juliette Hewitt

Name Juliette Roma Hewitt

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 123 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Juliette is an athletic woman, she is of average height and weight. She normally as her hair done up in a tight bun while she is one duty. Off duty she can be often seen with her hair down loose, or in a ponytail depending on whether or not she is working out.


Spouse None
Children None yet
Father Eric Hewitt, Deceased
Mother Leyla Hewitt, Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None Surviving

Personality & Traits

General Overview Juliette is a calm, professional officer. She cares deeply for her crew and those under her command. She is generally a cheerful person who likes to look on the positive side of things. She can over think things at times, appearing to others as if she lacks decisiveness.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Dedication to her crew, Supportive nature, Diplomatic nature - Patience at times or lack there of, Overworking herself at times, and forgetting to unwind
Ambitions To serve the Federation to the best of her abilities
Hobbies & Interests Reading, holonovels, piloting, wandering the decks of her ship.

Personal History Born in 2355 to a pair of Starfleet Officers on a border outpost on the edge of Cardassian space. When she was two years old the outpost was attacked by the Cardassian during the Border Wars. During the attack the Cardassians boarded the station and massacred a majority of the crew before retreating when the U.S.S. Rutledge and U.S.S. Gettysburg arrived and rescued the survivors including the two year old Juliette Hewitt. She was sent to Earth to live with her maternal grandmother. She grew up in awe of Starfleet and joined the Academy after she graduating from High School.

In 2373 the Federation found itself engulfed in a war, and was taking extreme losses. All Academy Cadets were rushed through the Academy to fill vacant spots due to losses. Juliette was assigned to the Nebula Class USS Chisholm, and fought through the last year of the war, including the invasion of Cardassian space. She found it hard to fight through her hatred of Cardassians during the war, a feeling she has trouble with to this day from time to time.

During the War the Chisholm participated in some heavy fighting in the Chintoka system, and the final pushes of the war. The ship was severely damaged at several points but was not destroyed. Juliette witnessed several close friends being wounded or killed in the process, although physically she is fine, it is a scar that she carries with her.

She decided that after the war she needed to go back to exploration. She transferred onto the USS Hotspur which was doing a 3 year survey of the Gamma Quadrant. Juliette lead several surveys of various new worlds. During a survey of a planet in the Xavier Achilles system she encountered a rogue group of Jem’Hadar soldiers who refused to surrender after the war. They surrounded and attacked Juliette’s away team. Due to an Ion Storm in the area it took 12 hours for the USS Hotspur to send down relief. Eventually they were able to retreat and the system was deemed to be off limits to all Starfleet Vessels.

Following her tour on the Hotspur she chose to become an upper class instructor at the Academy. She taught advanced piloting skills for the next four years. During this time she met a fellow officer Edward Di Biasi. In 2381 Edward and Juliette were engaged to be married. In October of that here Edward signed on to the USS Westgarth as the Chief of Security. They ship was sent to the Gamma Quadrant. In Early 2382 the ship was lost in the Lantar Nebula. Although a search was mounted no trace of the ship was ever found. The loss devastated Juliette, and she signed on as Chief CONN Officer on the USS Intrepid for a distraction as the ship was being sent to start preliminary inroads to the Delta Quadrant.

She was transferred in 2385 to the USS Lake Erie, as part of the Command Training Program, as Juliette decided that she wanted to have a Starship Command. She served as the Executive Officer of the Lake Erie as the ship patrolled and explored the Delta Quadrant. It was a routine 4 year assignment her CO recommended her for Command.

As the galaxy situation started to heat up in 2389 she was recalled to Mars to take command of the USS Johnston, a retired Miranda Class starship that was being brought out of mothballs to help fill gaps in the fleet.
Service Record 2373 – 2374 – Accelerated Academy Schedule due to outbreak of War with the Dominion.
2374 – 2375 – CONN Officer, U.S.S. Chisholm, Nebula Class
2375 – 2378 – CONN Officer, U.S.S. Hotspur, Norway Class
2378 – 2382 – Flight Instructor, Starfleet Academy
2382 – 2385 - Chief CONN Officer, U.S.S. Intrepid, Intrepid Class
2385 – 2389 – Executive Officer, U.S.S. Lake Erie, Akira Class
2389 - ???? – Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Johnston